The Two Covenants:
An Introductory Guide

Are you curious about the two covenants mentioned in the Bible but don't know where to start? If so, this is an ideal course for you to learn the basics. This free, introductory-level course provides a beginner-friendly overview and analysis of the two covenants and their key pillars.

So if you're ready to start your journey towards understanding the two covenants and their key pillars, sign up today!  
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What You'll Learn in this course:

The Origins of the Old Covenant

Who's idea was the Old Covenant? Why does that matter?
Learn why these basic questions make a big differen.

The Timing of the Everlasting Covenant

The relationship between the promised Seed and the ratification of the Covenant.

Advantages of the New Covenant

The New Covenant has some very exclusive benefits that were not available in the Old Covenant.

What Learners Say

I've been a Christian for many years, but I never fully understood the significance of the two covenants till now.
I wasn't sure where to begin with the covenants mentioned in the Bible, but this course was the perfect starting point.
I recommend this course to anyone who wants to have a deeper appreciation of the Bible and the Christian faith.

Your Covenants Questions Answered:

This mini-course will help you answer some key questions relating to the two Covenant:
  • Did the Old Covenant begin before the Exodus?
  • Did the Old Covenant begin at a specific point in time?
  • When did the Old Covenant begin to wax old and decay?
  • Why is blood needed in relation to the Covenants?
  • Is the New Covenant the same as the Everlasting Covenant?
  • When did the Everlasting Covenant begin?
  • Do the 2 Covenants run parallel to each other?
  • Are there two dispensations?
  • What are some of the benefits of the New Covenant?
  • Are there two different ways of salvation?
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When I first came across the covenants I found them confusing. The reason was largely due to all the contradicting ideas I was told about them. This made me think this is a very complex and deep topic that is beyond me. It turns out is was simpler than I was told!
That's why I designed this course to be an introductory guide that provides a beginner-friendly overview of the two covenants and their key pillars. My goal is to help students gain clarity and understanding on the subject, so they can use it as a foundational basis for understanding the gospel and many other doctrines.
Understanding the two covenants mentioned in the Bible is a foundational concept for understanding the gospel and many other doctrines. Getting this right is crucial to avoid errors and false doctrine that can lead us away from the truth. The covenants are the backbone of the Bible, providing a framework for God's plan of salvation and redemption for humanity.

By gaining a clearer picture of the two covenants, you'll be equipped to understand the broader message of the Bible and its teachings. This knowledge will enable you to apply it to your personal life and spiritual growth, as well as share it with others. There's also the added benefit of better discernment and identification of false doctrines. Understanding the covenants is a critical tool in combating false teachings and staying true to the Word of God. 

Do you want to?

  • Learn the foundational elements of the Gospel
  • Discern and identify false doctrines
  • Understand & explain the covenants clearly
  • Confidently expose deceptive gospel teachings

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for you!
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Hi, my name is Nader Mansour and I want to tell you what God’s grace has done for me. It found me in a sorry state (to say the least) but it transformed and allowed me to preach the gospel for over 20 years in many countries & online. I love teaching the Bible and sharing its message with others. I am a firm believer in its power to change lives, and I have seen it do so time and again. I am passionate about helping people to understand its truths and to apply them to their own lives. I’m convinced Bible teaching needs to be simple, clear and practical. My burden is to help people gain a deeper knowledge of God and a meaningful connection with Him through His Son Jesus Christ.

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