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Nader Mansour
If you have an earnest desire to deepen your understanding and experience of the Scriptures, then welcome to My Bible Academy.

Discover a World of Knowledge and Spiritual Growth at My Bible Academy - The Online Bible School for You

Are you seeking to enhance your Bible study skills and delve deeper into the Word of God? You're not alone. Many individuals express a genuine desire to understand the Bible better and acquire practical tools for personal study and sharing with others. Over the years I've noticed that this is one of the biggest needs. People don't need sermonizing as much as practical Bible instruction. Time and again in my experience people have asked about learning to study the Bible better.

This firsthand experience has led to the establishment of My Bible Academy, a dedicated platform tailored to be your personal Bible training program. Our mission is to empower individuals like you to elevate your understanding and experience of the Scriptures to new heights. Unlike traditional sermons that offer valuable insights, our focus is on providing practical Bible instruction and equipping you with the skills needed to navigate the Word of God for yourself.

Our Bible Academy Courses

Our Bible courses are designed for the serious Bible student. They require a measure of dedication and commitment to successfully complete. However, the rewards that await you on this transformative journey are immeasurable. Don't just take our word for it—discover what some students are saying about their enriching experiences with My Bible Academy.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we have taken great care to structure our courses in a way that optimizes your learning experience. Each course is purposely divided into bite-sized lessons to ensure optimal engagement and retention. We believe that by offering a manageable and efficient format, we enable you to make the most of your study sessions while accommodating the demands of your busy schedule. There are a number of courses currently in production that will be added to the academy periodically, so be sure to check back often.
For quite some time now, I have been burdened with a passion for Bible training and teaching. I have come to recognize the immense need for a comprehensive approach to Bible study. After about a year of planning, development, and testing, the academy has successfully emerged from its beta stage. I am truly grateful for the invaluable feedback and support received from the many students who participated in our early access program.

I extend a warm invitation to you if you haven't yet joined our community of eager learners. Join us at My Bible Academy and embark on an enriching journey that will revolutionize your Bible study approach, deepen your spiritual growth, and empower you to confidently share God's Word with others.

Other Resources

Whether you prefer video, audio, or written content, we have a variety of resources to cater to your preferred learning style and to further enrich your exploration of the Bible.

  • In-Depth Video Sermons: Explore our library of video sermons
  • Inspiring Podcast episodes
  • Engaging Blog articles

These resources serve as valuable companions to your learning journey, offering diverse perspectives and valuable insights to deepen your understanding of the Word of God.

Together, let's embrace the exciting opportunities that await as we unlock the treasures of Scripture and transform our lives through its timeless wisdom.

My Bible Academy
a platform crafted to serve as YOUR personal Bible training program.